America’s Got Talent Past Champion Takes the Win Again


Courtesy of Metro

Ashley Driesler, Staff Writer

  Former America’s Got Talent champion, Shin Lim, took another win during the latest competition, America’s Got Talent: The Champions, on February 18th. Lim is a magician who showcased his ability of sleight of hand. This not only means Lim won twice, but he also beat all the past champions that competed again.

  Lim initially declined to participate in the latest season as he did not want to repeat his acts. He had also only just won five months prior to this season. The magician mentioned that he relished in the break after his first win, as he explained his content with the lack of stress post-competition.

   An avid watcher of America’s Got Talent, Zoha Syed (11) stated, “After I found out Lim wanted to stop competing after last season, I’ve had a whole new respect for him. I’m sure competition leaves a hefty toll on someone, but it must have been very rewarding for him after winning a second consecutive time!”

  All of this of made possible due to Lim’s fiance, Casey Thomas. He made an honorable mention of her, explaining that the only reason he competed was because of her encouragement.

  Lim stated to People Magazine, “[Casey] helped me emotionally through the whole thing, because it’s a pretty stressful experience.”

  Overall the audience of both seasons were astounded by Lim’s performances.

  A fan of the magician, Ashley Younger (11) stated, “When I watched Shin Lims performance, I was totally captivated and shocked by his tricks. His win was well deserved and it’s almost a shame we won’t be able to watch him compete again unless another season features past champions.

  As true as Younger is, Lim has expressed to People Magazine his dreams of having future gigs and solo shows.