Justin Bieber Opens Up About Depression

Courtesy of Complex

Courtesy of Complex

Ulia Zaman, Staff Writer

According to a report released by People on February 12th, Justin Bieber is receiving help for depression. Although the 24-year-old pop star has been struggling with this issue for several years, he finally decided to seek treatment with the encouragement of his wife, Hailey Baldwin.

  Bieber recently sat down for an interview with Vogue and opened up about his mental health struggles. He spoke about the recent week-long therapy retreat he took part in, also known as the Hoffman Process. In addition, he shared several stories that he believes are the cause of his struggle, including his resentment towards his parents and fans for not supporting him when he needed help. He stated that he was “done taking pictures” with fans because “it has gotten to the point that people don’t even say hi to me or recognize me as a human.”

  He revealed that the sadness he felt because of his disconnected relationship with his mother caused him to cancel the remainder of the Purpose tour in 2017, which consisted of 150 concerts. He was so overwhelmed with loneliness and depression that he needed some time alone.      

  Riya Thakre (10) said, “I feel like the pressure of fame really got to him at a young age and him opening about his depression is a step toward conquering it.”

  In addition to his personal problems, his life as a celebrity only added to the stress he was experiencing. Due to his tight schedule, he rarely had time to relax and take care of himself.

  Isha Pendem (11) said, “I think it’s amazing that so many artists are not shying away from the discussion of mental health. As influencers of young people, it’s important that celebrities tackle heavy issues like this.”

  Since beginning his treatment, even though it has not been easy for him, Bieber has not missed a single therapy session. According to a close friend of Bieber, he is extremely grateful and relieved to have Baldwin by his side while going through this experience.