Rising Change in Entertainment

Anna Kim, Co-Editor in Chief

  Since 1992, the former MTV Movie Awards has been honoring the best movies of the year. But after 25 years, they have decided to change it to the MTV Movie and TV Awards, extending the list of categories to celebrate the best movies and television shows of the year.

  Chris McCarthy, the president of MTV, said, “We’re living in a golden age of content, and great storytelling and characters resonate regardless of whether you’re watching it in a theater or on TV.”

  While the award show started out as being taped in advance and broadcasted later, during 2007, the producers changed it so that the show was taped live. However, last year, MTV went back to their old ways of pre-taped format. They have decided to make the 2017 awards broadcast live.

  Crystal Chung (10) said, “Television has become such an important part in our lives, as it does take up much of our time. I think it’s important to recognize the hard work of tv shows because it has made such a big impact on the entertainment industry.”

  As a big lead-up of the event, MTV will host a Movie and Television Festival for the first time ever as well. It will be a day-long event with live musical performances, special guests, and food outside of the venue where the actual award show will take place. People who attend the festival will get front row view of the red carpet. Information of the tickets and performers scheduled to be released later.

  The MTV Movie and TV Awards will air on Sunday, May 7 on MTV. The event will be hosted in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.