The Baxters are Back

The Baxters are Back

Barbara Lopez, Entertainment Editor

  That’s So Raven… it’s the future I can see… that’s so Raven… it’s so mysterious to me… Yep, that’s right! No more searching the guide at three in the morning for re-runs of this iconic show, because Raven Baxter is back.

  The 2003 hit Disney Channel series That’s So Raven is back and better than ever. De Elizabeth from TeenVogue clued us 2000 kids on what’s new as rumors of the 2017 spinoff are already surfacing. She said, “The sequel, which is currently being referred to as That’s So Raven 2, will center around Raven Symoné as an adult with two kids of her own. And now we know a little more information about Raven’s children – one of whom has inherited Raven’s psychic powers.”

  The word hasn’t just spread in the media; it has also reached the attention of some of West High’s students who miss the show. Danielle Swenson (11) says, “I think it’s really cool to have a spin-off of one of the big shows from our childhood! The new Disney shows are nothing like they used to be. Bringing back a little of the past makes me eager to see what is in store.”

  What excites most, however, doesn’t appeal to others. Elly Megaw (10) is not exactly fangirling over these rumors. She says, “I’m excited but it definitely won’t be good as the original. I feel like spin offs never are.” When asked why she felt this way, Megaw  mentioned how she primarily enjoyed “the original storyline of the show and the original cast. [She] liked That’s So Raven as it was.”

  Although nothing is set in stone, Symoné has already started work as she will be executive producing the show just as she did with the original series. According to Deadline, Symoné was only 19 when she became a producer of TSR; she was also the first African American woman to have her name in a comedy series title.

  Even after the show’s end, the re-runs that have appeared in the early hours of the morning have delivered on average about 1.057 million views just from January-April 2016. We’ll see if these numbers rise come early 2017!