DNCE Scraping the Surface Of Stardom

Omar Rashad, Staff Writer

 DNCE, a new pop-rock band, has achieved success with songs from its debut EP that have already posted top positions in Billboard’s song charts.

  The group consists of four members, Jin Joo Lee, Cole Whittle, Jack Lawless, and Joe Jonas. Yes, Joe Jonas. Much like his brother, Nick Jonas, Joe has resumed his singing career and decided to form a band with some of the friends he had past experience performing with. Jack Brubaker (10) said, “I think it’s good for Joe Jonas to start a new band and that he can become famous independently [of his brothers] with his own band.” Joe Jonas renewing his career is definitely a major part of this band, along with top positions in song charts.

  Swaay, DNCE’s Debut extended play, EP, has attracted attention with their single, “Cake by the Ocean”. It has peaked at number ten on Billboard’s Hot 100 and ranked number seven on Billboard’s Canadian Hot 100. Wishwa Senarith (10) said, “Based on DNCE’s performance in Billboard’s song charts and the attention their songs are getting, I think they are going to have a good future, especially with a guy like Joe Jonas and all the experience that he brings.” The band has also been nominated for the Favorite New Artist in Kid’s Choice Awards 2016. The group’s audience is growing with songs that have been included in top playlists made by Spotify, Google Play Music, and Apple Music.

  They has also decided to group up with fellow new artist, Hailee Steinfeld. Steinfeld has released her debut EP, Haiz, in which a version of one of her songs, “Rock Bottom,” is going to be released, featuring DNCE. Mary Cabilin (10) said, “I think Hailee Steinfeld and DNCE will do well together because they are upcoming pop artists, and people would like the new variety and flavors that they will bring to the pop industry.”

  The song’s official release date is this Friday, so be sure to keep tabs on Steinfeld’s Youtube Vevo Channel to watch the exclusive music video.