James Bay’s Rise to Fame


Omar Rashad, Staff Writer

James Bay is stirring up attention as his debut album, Chaos and the Calm, is receiving multiple awards and nominations.

  After releasing singles from Chaos and the Calm, they quickly became certified platinum records ranking number 1 on Britain’s song charts. Bay has also received three Grammy Award Nominations for best new artist, best rock song and best rock album. His rising fame is no question as fans like Rachel Warters (10) said “his tone and voice is really nice.” His songs have a way of pulling fans in closer as Warters also said, “I just love him and can’t stop listening to his songs.” Bay has a way of connecting to fans that instantly has them hooked on the melodies he releases.

  Bay’s songs have posted top positions in song charts, especially in Britain. Chaos and the Calm was ranked number 1 in the UK, his single “Let It Go” ranked number 10 and his other single, “Hold Back The River” peaked at number 2. With fame piling up for Bay, many eyes will be trained on him as the Grammy Awards approach.

  Mary Cabilin (10), a passionate James Bay fan, said, “I think he has a good chance of winning a Grammy award because of the way he pours his heart on the stage and is able to build a bridge between himself and his audience.” As Cabilin is sure of James Bay’s success at the Grammys, she isn’t the only one who thinks so. Another fan who thinks Bay has a strong chance to win something big is Alex Trekell (10) who said, “I believe with his current level of skill and talent, he will be able to achieve a Grammy Award, and his popularity and ability to perform will also increase along with it.”

  James Bay has been nominated for best new artist of 2016, best rock album with Chaos and the Calm, and best rock song with “Hold Back the River”. With the three categories Bay has been nominated in, he has three ways to get the ultimate achievement. Be sure to tune in to the Grammy Awards, Monday February 15 at 5pm to watch James Bay, along with other talented singers be awarded for their exemplary contributions to the music world.