And It Was History In The Making

Elise Ornelos, Staff Writer

The new R&B group, History In The Making, has released a new single that will leave you unable to “Walk Away” from your computer screen. The trio is composed of teen boys: Dylan Allen who is 15 , Pryce Watkins who is 16, and and Jawan Harris who is 18. All from different states, these boys, have come together to infuse their vocal abilities and create music that appeals to the younger demographic. They were discovered individually and brought together by influential music figures, Rodney Jerkins and Mark Pitts, who have worked with household names like Usher, Brandy, Miguel and Chris Brown.

Although the boys live in Illinois, Georgia, and California and are on different coasts, they have developed a brotherhood while becoming the youngest RCA group in the industry,which takes their band name to a literal level,  History in The Making. Currently, the R&B boys are planning to change it up a bit. In an interview with Teen Diaries, Allen commented on the R&B world and said, it “lost its soulful sauce. I hope that groups like us and others can bring back true R&B”.

The group is inspired by major chart toppers like Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and Drake and find their inspiration for success. In their single “Walk Away”, they sing about changing their ways as a “player” and falling for one girl. In addition, the music video has the media and fans talk.can really get people talking as well. In the video, the boys find themselves in detention and decide to make a break for it when their teacher leaves class for a bathroom break. The trio find themselves split up and each pursuing a different girl in between shots of them dancing with a crowd in the school hallway. The entertaining video portrays the group’s overall personality which has gained them a larger fan base.

Since they are young, they have a first-hand perspective on teen love that many people can relate to and it makes their music that much more appealing. In Harris’ Teen Diary interview he said “We hope our music will be highlighting. We want our music to be relatable to ladies and guys; at all ages. We hope to be game changers.”

R&B is a romantic music genre and the boys are able to put their own youthful spin on it. At almost one million views on their YouTube VEVO videos, the boys are gaining popularity quickly. If you like what you hear, stay tuned for new cranking out R&B hits like “Walk Away” in the near future, and keep up with the group on their social media sites.