Fantastic Foolery

Fantastic Foolery

Madison Kuhlmann, Staff Writer

As March quickly draws to its end, April follows swiftly at its heels and thoughts of April Fools and harmless pranks begin to bubble and brew. Ideas may not come as easily as expected though, so here are some tricks and foolish actions you could modify and try this year at home, work, or school.

“Small pranks are the best, like hiding someone’s backpack or telling them completely wrong information about something during class and correcting it later.” said Matt LaRue (10).

Not everyone agrees that going over the top or creating huge, grandiose pranks is the most fun. In fact, it’s a good way to start arguments or even upset the people you care about or hang out with. That being said, stay conscientious of the events you allow yourself to be a part of this year.

“I usually prank other people, but it’s gotten to the point where people are starting to prank me back,” Christopher Gonzalez (12).

Want to celebrate the start of a new month and enjoy the freshness of spring with your friends? Here’s a simple, fun prank to pull on them, while still celebrating, make or buy a box of cream filled doughnuts, an icing pipe, and a jar of mayonnaise and you have a hilarious breakfast for under $15. Fill an icing pipe with mayonnaise and insert the tip into the edge of the first doughnut. Squeeze gently until a drop of mayonnaise about the size of a dime is added to the cream already in the doughnut. Clean the nozzle of the icing pipe and continue until all the doughnuts have been altered. This may shock your friends at first, but it is completely harmless and they will calm down again by lunch.

Not into having breakfast or getting yelled at so early in the day? That’s alright, try this if you know anyone who bites or chews on the ends of their pen or pencil? Paint the ends of a few of your desired utensil with clear nail polish or dip them in lemon juice the night before. Leave them to dry overnight so when your friend goes to take notes they are startled by the texture or bitterness. Depending on how many coats of nail polish or how long the ends of the utensil are soaked results may vary but are not harmful.

Have a brother or sister at home or want to have some fun with your parents? Set their alarm clock an hour earlier or 15 – 30 minutes later than usual and watch the confusion ensue. Choose an earlier time if the person is restless once awake or if they already have a tight schedule, while later times work well for those who are good on their feet or have more laxed schedules.

“It’s evil, but I like the alarm idea.” Zach Trudeau (12).

   April Fool’s day is tomorrow, so get your creativity on and start scheming. Remember, that harmless ideas can be just as much fun as others, and have higher survival rates for your friendships as well!