And The Oscar Goes To…


Elise Ornelos, Staff Writer

Every year we get to appreciate films from all over the world as every “it” celebrity makes their way to the Oscars Award Show. The 87th Annual Oscars ceremony was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris at the Dolby Theater and he brought humor to a rather serious night. Some movies made more of an impression than others last year and on Sunday, February 22nd 2015 they were recognized by the Academy and were given the awards based on categories such as best leading actor/actress, best score, best graphics, and best supporting actor/actress.

Harris kicked of the Award show with a singing and dancing performance featuring Jack Black and Anna Kendrick that really got the crowd going.He made lame jokes throughout the night but never failed to get a laugh from his audience. He surprised the audience and came out on stage wearing only his underwear, and of course, he tormented John Travolta for his mispronunciation of an award winner’s name at the Oscars last year. Cayla Hailwood (12) said, “The only reason I really watched the Oscars was because of Neil Patrick Harris, he was hilarious and made it worth watching.”

To get away from the entertainment aspect of the Oscars, three movies really stole the show: Birdman, Boyhood, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Each of these movies focused on the bigger picture of the growth and lessons everyone goes through during their lifetime. Birdman walked away with four Oscars, Boyhood earned one, and The Grand Budapest Hotel tied with Birdman earning four awards. The Best Actor went to Eddie Redmayne, Best Actress to Julianne Moore and Best Supporting Actor and Actress to J.K. Simmons and Patricia Arquette.

USA Today commented on the deeper messages being portrayed throughout the ceremony and said, “Stars used the Oscar stage not only as a place to accept awards, but also to take a stand.” They were referring to John Legend and Common giving their acceptance speech about their song “Glory” , that won the Oscar for Best Original Song, and how it represents equality for every race, age, and gender. Boyhood’s Patricia Arquette took her stand for equality as well, as she dedicated her award to women around the world. Graham Moore, who took home the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, dedicated his acceptance speech to all those people in the world who feel different and weird and sends them the message that they should stay weird and pass the message on.

CBS News said, “Increasingly, ratings are driven by moments that spark social media frenzy…” With many captivating speeches and actors/actresses taking a stand, the media has definitely been talking. People are still talking about the memorial video which was dedicated to everyone in the film and entertainment industry that has passed away in the past year. The Academy Awards were not only important in recognizing amazing films, but also shining a light on world problems that need to be addressed.