Interstellar: Out of This World

Interstellar: Out of This World

Elise Ornelos, Staff Writer

Christopher Nolan’s recent film, Interstellar, excited audiences all over America when it was released on November 7, 2014. This movie lives up to his past film’s successes and keeps in touch with his signature Nolan style, but disappoints in box office income. The opening weekend for Interstellar grossed roughly $50 million. With earsplitting scenes and dynamic effects, the audience was anxious and shocked throughout the film and ratings increased. Since then, the movie has created more buzz and has grossed roughly $160 million worldwide.

The suspenseful film follows Cooper , played by Matthew McConaughey, and Amelia Brand, played by Anne Hathaway, on their adventure through the galaxy. On their journey to find a new place to live because Earth is coming to an abrupt end, an unexpected black hole slingshots them into an unknown direction twisting the plot. Matt Zoller Seitz from Rogerebert explains this Sci-fi film and stated , “There’s something pure and powerful about this film…so many characters wept openly in close-up, voices breaking, tears streaming down their cheeks.” This Sci-Fi film is not only jam-packed with action, but it incorporates the emotional ride the characters go through while separated from their families and confronting their drastic reality.

Nolan goes beyond the dramatic Hollywood type of entertainment, and not only provides an interesting story line to draw viewers to the movie, but accurately teaches the audience about actual scientific discoveries and possibilities. Although there is plenty left to explore in the universe,  Nolan was left with creative freedom and was able to show fans his interpretation of the mysteries in space. Swetha Akella (12) said, “It was nice to see a movie portray science in such a positive way; almost superheroic in a sense.” He was spot on with the concept of time and space; McConaughey and Hathaway only aging by hours in space while on earth everyone aged by 26 years. However, other concepts such as black holes and wormholes were based on science but amplified by Hollywood cinema to elaborate the film.

Not only can we say that the storyline was amazing, but the movie depended on visual effects and Nolan delivered incredible graphics. According to Eric Bai (11) the film was “well directed and intriguing. The visuals were mind blowing and the experience, memorable.” Sci-fi lovers should head out to see Interstellar if they are looking for a movie that will get them thinking about the galaxy beyond earth and the troubles changes can bring.