No Rest For the Wicked

Alyna Kim, Staff Writer


   Just in time for the holiday season, the Tony Award winning musical, Wicked, is coming back to Los Angeles. The popular musical focuses around Glinda the Good Witch returning to sing the story of the Wicked Witch of the West, formerly known as the cantankerous Elphaba Thropp.
Wicked won three Tony Awards in 2003 and a Grammy Award in 2005. It’s won over 50 well-known awards during its time on stage. The production recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the current cast performed “For Good” at the 68th Tony Awards in July.

   The musical is based off the renowned novel, penned by Gregory Maguire in 1995. The author’s fascination with the nature of evil, and its association with figures such as the “Wicked Witch of the West” from L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz inspired the novel. Today, it’s well known as both good political commentary, reimagining of a classic, and adult fantasy novel acknowledged by editorials such as the Los Angeles Times and Publisher’s Weekly.

   Many of West High’s students are also looking forward to the return of Wicked. “I look forward to seeing it again, if I can,” says Kailee Koharchik (12). “I just really like it. The whole thing.” In addition, Kaleb Davies (12), who is a West High performer, shared, “I have a lot of friends who are big fans of the musical, and it’s good. The Pantages has done a lot of good shows and Wicked is probably one of the best that it’s seen in the past couple years, so I’m glad there’s a revival. And maybe it’ll strike a new generation of drama lovers,” he adds.

   The return of Wicked allows curious minds to witness the spectacular for those who have missed the previous Los Angeles showings. “I think it’s a great opportunity for those of us who have not yet seen it, yet like the musical, to enjoy its fabulous musicality,” says Lindsay Beckmeyer (11).

   Wicked will be performing at the Pantages Theater starting December 10th through February 1st. Tickets are currently on sale.