Silly Sock Snowman


Photo Credit: Sravya Kotha, Staff Writer/Artist

Sravya Kotha, Staff Writer/ Artist

   There’s just something special about making your own gifts, especially if the gift is doable with items lying around the house. Don’t fight the holiday crowds and spend loads of money; instead, here’s another do-it-yourself holiday craft that can serve as a decor piece or an ornament to bring in the holiday cheer.


What You Need:

  • one high-knee white sock

  • a pair of socks with design

  • rice

  • rubberbands

  • buttons

  • scissors

  • glue

  • felt sheets (orange and black)

  • pipe cleaner (optional)


What To Do:

  1. Cut the white sock on the heel all the way across.

  2. Tie a rubber band and turn the sock inside-out.

  3. Pour rice almost to the top. Leave enough air space so that you can tie a rubber band on the top.

  4. Cut the heel and the toe parts off of the first designed sock. On the second one, cut off only the heel.

  5. Slide the first designed sock onto the white sock sac. This will serve as the sweater for the snowman.

  6. Tie rubber bands on the sac to form the shape of the snowman’s face and body.

  7. Slide the second designed sock onto the head of the snowman. This will be the hat.

  8. Glue buttons on the sweater.

  9. Use orange and black felt sheets to create the eyes and the nose of the snowman.

  10. Embellish the hat with a shiny pipe cleaner.

And there you have your homemade snowman. We’ve got 99 problems but a DIY ain’t one!