DIY Holiday Gift

Erica Suh, Staff Writer

Are you looking for a quick, simple gift for the holidays? Here is a cute alligator sewing kit for any seamstress! You’ll need the following items to get started: scissors, felt (green, white, and red), an iron, yarn, a needle, pompoms, and googly eyes.

Here is how to make it:

1. Begin by cutting an oval (about 8 by 2 inches) from green felt. Then cut a slightly smaller oval using the white felt, creating jagged teeth around the edge. And once again, cut a smaller red oval.

2. Center the pieces on top of each other (green, white, then red). Fold the stack in half and press with an iron.

3. Use the yarn and needle to sew three large stitches through the center of the stack of felt to hold the three layers together. Then tie off the yarn at the end into a double knot and trim off the excess.

4. Glue on green pompoms and googly eyes for the alligator’s eyes, and for the snout, use anything you want. And finally, share the happiness!

Do you have a different animal in mind, perhaps a giraffe? Simply choose other colors and make the necessary variations. Be creative and make sure to have fun! Happy Holidays!