An End to Breaking Bad

Maya Klinenberg, Staff Writer/ Artist

   Ready, set, cook!  The top show on Netflix, created by Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad, came to a close at last on September 29th.  The first season started screening in 2008 and all five seasons have been heartfelt, action-packed, and yes—full of methamphetamine.  Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, a husband, father, and high school Chemistry teacher, who suffered from lung cancer. In order to protect his family from the massive debt caused by his chemotherapy treatments, he began to manufacture and sell crystal methamphetamine alongside one of his past students, Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul.

   There have been mixed reviews on the season five finale.  Some felt it was an amazing way to end a series while others did not receive the closure they had hoped for.  Adel Kelifa (11) reported, “I thought that the ending wasn’t as exciting as everyone had said it was. The final plot twist seemed to have been two episodes before the finale. Although the finale was good, the third to last episode probably was more entertaining for hardcore Breaking Bad fans.” In contrast to what Kelifa said, Ethan Ramos (10) stated, “I thought it ended really well, and people who haven’t watched all five seasons yet will be surprised.”  When asked if the ending lived up to his expectations, he responded, “Very much so.”

   The Huffington Post agreed with Ramos, claiming, “Breaking Bad is one of the great shows of television’s Golden Age, and the first two episodes of the show’s fifth season will give viewers no reason to think otherwise.” West High U.S History and Economics teacher, Mrs. Cerda, also concluded, “I loved the ending. I feel like it came full circle.  I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t climactic, but I liked it more the longer I thought about it.  After five seasons, he tied up all the loose ends.”  Most of the viewers found satisfaction with the overall ending of the show.  Breaking Bad has certainly closed with the same amount of enthusiasm from beginning to end.