Aristocracy Bought a Zoo, Too!

Julia Truong, Staff Writer

Singing from the heart takes persistence and integrity, which is what Aristocracy does every time they are seen on stage. With passionate singing and expressions, there’s no doubt that Aristocracy is known as the advanced choir on campus. On Friday, April 20th, Aristocracy performed an animal-themed choral concert for friends and family to enjoy.

For the first half of the concert, several tributes were made, including one for football coach Fred Petersen’s passing. The choir sang “I’ll Make the Difference,” by Moses Hogan. Before the song, Choral director Mrs. Jensen made an emotional about how Coach Pete was always around for her even in the darkest of times. “His sparkling blue eyes brightened her day, and his thoughtfulness always went a long way.” In the audience was Coach Pete’s family, who began to cry as one of his former football players Phil Kang (12) began to sing the solo. Even at the start of the concert, tears ran deep for several members in the audience.

Continuing on, Amy Romano (12) and Phil Kang (12) sang a duet to the famous song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” which made audience members sing and smile along to the music. As the first half of the concert was coming to a close, Aristocracy sang its traditional song, “The Wind Beneath My Wings” as a tribute to their parents. Throughout the song, students would bring roses to their parents, thanking them for all that they have done. Jane Jang (11) commented, “Even though I’m not a senior, I immediately begin to tear up as soon as I see everyone else. This song is truly an emotional piece, and I thank my parents for all that they have done and sacrificed for me.” With an emotional piece to signal the beginning of intermission, Aristocracy rushed to prepare for the animal-themed songs in the second half of the concert!

Walking out with various animals on everyone’s shirts, Aristocracy was ready to perform some interesting and recognizable songs. Tunes such as “Bare Necessities” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” gave a smile to people’s faces. As the concert continued, the Aristocracy girls sang “Everybody Wants to be a Cat”, which was filled with coordinated dance moves and cat calls which was a humorous touch to the famous Disney song.

As the concert came to an end with an interpretation of “Pop Goes the Weasel,” Aristocracy once again swept people off their feet with harmonious singing. The concert was definitely enjoyable to everyone in the audience. Be sure to make the Spring Concert on May 25th which includes all choirs as well as the faculty choir singing along to your favorite songs.