World of Apps

Jonathan Choi, Staff Writer

   Three years, with the genesis of the iPod Touch and iPhone revolution, the App store hit the mainstream public hard, taking a huge chunk out of the consumer public. Ever since then, many other mobile platform companies have tried innovating their own app stores, producing such large contenders like the Android market and helping expand the applications market to more countries. Apple, which gains about thirty percent of all revenue generated by publishers, has kept the app store relatively cheap, considering the fact that the most popular games are often the free ones. But, it has, at various times, regulated the market. And, though this may have bad consequences that will haunt the market in the future, it has produced many different amazing games that we all know.

   Rovio’s Angry Birds was one of these spectacular successes. Developed for over seven different mobile platforms, the Angry Birds game has been released all over the world. Kids internationally recognize this icon of pop gaming and it has flipped the mobile app market upside down. It has been so wildly successful that Rovio has released stuffed Angry Birds dolls, pillows, and kids hungrily bought Angry Birds books off the shelves at Barnes & Nobles. The media company was also so successful that, unlike many of its predecessors, it has succeeded in… taking the fight to space! Yes. For 99 cents, the Angry Birds space edition is available for instant download and play. Another out-of-this-world app “is Scramble with friends,” says Tricia Samson (10). She plays the game with the thrill of that of an addiction and enjoys the prospect of winning against her friends very much. “I also like tumblr… [but both] are social apps,” states Samson. Scramble with friends, the brain child of social media giant Zynga, was an instant hit. And that is expected to grow. With its recent acquisition of NYC based OMGPOP, the games giant has destroyed the market, bringing hundreds of new social options to the table.

   The App Store has revolutionized the way people connect with each other. The mobile platform industry is expanding and, with it, there are new options that will change your life forever.