Paranormal Craze

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

If you possess any nature of interest in horrific and appalling movies, chances are you’ve heard of the new sci-fi thriller: Paranormal Activity 3.

The third sequel in the string of Paranormal Activity movies, the addition premiered in theaters on October 21st.Despite negative reviews from critics, the third installment in the series broke sale records as millions of die-hard Paranormal Activity Fans rushed into theater doors throughout the week expectant to view the frightful, bizarre, and supernatural movie.

Students at West High also shared their opinions regarding the new release. Anna Kulin (11) commented, “I think it’s worth watching. However, if you want to get the real experience, see it at night – Preferably in your house, all the lights out, by yourself – for the real terror.” However, there were adverse responses regarding the thriller. Alex Valladares (11) stated “I think they are pretty bad; the movies simply worsen over time.” While some are wildly animated by the thought of ghosts and demons possessing children and adults alike, other feel strange events, similarly to the noted above, are an imprudent waste of time, energy and money.

Nonetheless, there remain students who remain indifferent about the thriller, possibly stemming from the fact that they are unshaken by telepathic occurrences. Alyssa Penunnuri (11) verbalized, “I liked it, but I did not find in scary. I’m pretty much used to watching scary movies and I have seen all the other ones in the sequel, so the third addition did not really phase me” while Tyran Moore (11) added, “I really do not have any preference for scary movies, so I feel indifferent about the craze going on right on right now.”

  Paranormal Activity 3 is still in theaters, so if you want a frightening watch, do not hesitate to see this thriller.