Tangled Busts Into Theaters with Action, Adventure and Romance

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

   Though Disney often produces clichéd princess movies, Tangled seems to be a fresh new start with its winning combination of intense fight sequences, love stories and catchy tunes. Megan Bustios (10) thoroughly enjoyed the film and stated, “I loved the songs! It was a surprisingly great movie!”

   The story begins with a traditional take on the Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel but soon takes off on Disney’s creative take on the classic story. Throughout the flick audiences often laugh to the witty jokes and humorous situations that the main characters, Rapunzel and Flynn, often find themselves in.

   The biggest hit among the crowd seemed to have been the stubborn, concentrated horse, Maximus. Sophie Nguyen (11) was a fan of this off-beat horse and added, “[He] really made the movie in my opinion.”

   Adding to the powerful story is a diverse ensemble which includes Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi. With clever songs such as the catchy “When Will My Life Begin” and the devious “Mother Knows Best”, audiences are engulfed from the moment the movie starts.

   Many scenes are noteworthy, but the most memorable and touching scene come at the end of the show. Maran Soliman (10) expressed, “It was so cool seeing the movie end like it does. It definitely ends on a high note.” Both music and animation intertwine to showcase a dazzling array of colors and to show off both Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore’s voices.

   Tangled is a true Disney classic in the making, joining the ranks of The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast to capture the hearts of so many. Although one may expect to have to sit through another one of Disney’s often cookie-cutter productions, this film defies the boundary and shows that both action and romance can be combined in one family-friendly film.