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Unscouted Scholarships

October 25, 2022


Art/Photo by Sullivan Kolakowski

Searching for the right scholarships can be daunting for high school seniors. Luckily, there are plenty of out-of-the-ordinary scholarships for the class of 2023 application season. (AI Art/Photo by Sullivan Kolakowski)

College applications are not the only deadline high school seniors have to worry about this month: scholarship applications are also due soon. A quick Google search of “scholarships”, will show about 1,260,000,000 results. Finding the right scholarship can be extremely challenging and definitely overwhelming. From scholarships about doodling to duck-calling, there are random scholarships out there for everyone. Below is a compilation of this year’s most audacious, creative, and fun scholarships that won’t be the top results of a Google search. 


Creative Writing:

Enjoy writing short stories? Have a wild imagination? Try your hand at some of these creative writing prompts!


The “10 Words or Less” Scholarship

The deadline is Nov. 11, 2022, so students better hurry! Applicants can win up to $1,000 for literally writing a ten word story. 


The “Zombie Apocalypse” Scholarship

In a 250 word essay, students are invited to imagine what school would be like during a zombie apocalypse. What five things would you need to survive? Where would you hide? How would you defeat the zombies? Students’ survival plans must be submitted before Oct. 31, 2022, for the chance to win $2,000. 



Do you love the food science class here at West High School? Is Cupcake Wars your favorite TV show? There are hundreds of cooking and food related scholarships out there to fuel the inner foodie in all of us. Here are two standouts:


The “Asparagus Club” Scholarship

This scholarship is catered to students who want to pursue a career in the food retail industry. The deadline is April 14, 2023, and the scholarship is awarded to two students, each receiving $2,000. 


The “Vegetarian Resource Group” Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who promote vegetarianism in the community. There are two scholarships awarded, the lower being $5,000 and upper being $10,000. The deadline has not been posted yet, so keep an eye out.



Before you scroll past this section, this isn’t the traditional art contest that usually comes to mind. Anyone can apply— even those with little to no artistic talent. These scholarships ask applicants to stretch their creative muscles with out-of-the-box prompts.


The “Create-A-Greeting-Card” Scholarship

Simple enough, right? Yes! The scholarship is for $10,000 and the deadline is sometime in March, to be announced. Don’t sleep on this one!


The “Celebrate the West” Scholarship

Open only to residents in the Western states of the country, this scholarship implores high school seniors to create a piece of art that showcases what life is like in the West, or a personal connection to the West. The deadline has not been posted yet, and the grand prize is $1,500.  



Have you played piano since you were eight years old? Are you in Mr. Banim’s band class? Are you in Aria? Then these two music focused scholarships are perfect for you to get your musical education started.


The “Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist” Scholarship

Musically inclined students are encouraged to apply for this whopping $10,000 scholarship. This year’s deadline is Nov. 15, 2022. Classical instrumentalists, vocalists, and composers are the ideal candidates. Applicants must submit two unedited, unenhanced videos or audio samples of their music, and two letters of teacher recommendation (academic teacher and music teacher).


The “Tiffany Green Operator” Scholarship

In a 500-word essay, applicants are asked to describe the role music has played in their lives and why they want to pursue the music industry. This scholarship is for $10,000 and the deadline is in March 2023. 



Studying fashion at a higher-education institution is expensive. Use your stylish skills to craft a solid scholarship application, and you’ll be at New York Fashion Week in no time!


The “Two Ten Higher Education Footwear Design” Scholarship

This scholarship goes out to all the sneaker-heads of the world. Applicants must submit three design drawings of footwear from their portfolio. The deadline is in April 2023, and the winner receives $4,000.


The “Stuck at Prom” Scholarship

Design your own prom dress? Easy enough for designers. Design your own prom dress with duct tape? Now that’s a challenge. Applicants will design, make, and wear prom dresses made out of duct tape. The winner takes home $10,000. Students must apply before Jun. 2023. 



If you’re an anatomy student or want to study kinesiology at college, this is the scholarship to get your health and fitness education jump-started.


The “Michael Moody Fitness” Scholarship

Mental health issues are on the rise, and mental health is directly linked to athletic activity. This scholarship calls on student athletes to take a closer look into how high school sports impact mental health. Apply in Aug. 2023 for a chance at $1,500 to fund your education.


Other Fun Scholarships: 

Looking for something out-of-the-box? Check out this scholarship!


The “Tall Clubs International Foundation” Scholarship

The minimum height requirement for women to apply is 5’10” and for men to apply is 6’2”. Being tall has never looked better! Especially when the reward is for $1,000. The deadline is in March 2023.

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