Trader Joe’s Supports Study Snacks!

 Trader Joe’s. The Trader Joe’s. A place of hopes, dreams, and sweets. A place of comfort, snacks, and awesomely-made newsletters. They have some of the best study snacks for students who want to munch on a little something while still being able to get work done. We at Smokes Signals had an inside experience of the favorite snacks and treats courtesy of an actual Trader Joe’s manager. While she wanted to keep her identity a secret, the snacks she showed us were so good that keeping those a secret would be a crime. #notsponsored 

   Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets were the first item on her list. They are small bite-sized pieces of mochi (glutinous rice cakes) that have been dried, fried, and lightly salted to create a crunchy snack fit for anyone. These are perfect to eat while typing a paper or studying for a math test, and at $2.99 a bag, they won’t hurt your wallet either.