Getting Paid To Take A Test-PISA Testing At West High

Students had been randomly selected to take the PISA test in which the scores will establish study of different countries’ educations.

This year, 42 students from West High have been randomly chosen to take a test called PISA, or the Program for International Student Assessment. On Thursday October 8, these students completed the 3-hour test which included questions about Math, English, and Science. PISA testing requires no preparation and is “on the spot” knowledge which assesses the students’ education standards throughout the test.

The PISA test, sponsored by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), is based on the knowledge of 15 year-olds around the world, from over 60 different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Australia, including the United States. The data that is collected worldwide decides The test was first administered in 2000 and, since then, takes place every three years.

As the results are released, each country can see where it is standing in its level of education and make improvements based on the outcome of the test. In this way, the test is not merely just for statistics but an assessment in which the government of each country may institute further school funding or other ways in order for its education to progress. The PISA test is used to evaluate a country’s status in education and determine whether the country’s way of teaching is sufficient for the students’ future and their role in society.

In addition, the results of the testing are kept classified. Even the students who take the test may not know their own scores. Even the school isn’t allowed to know how students did. The only result that the school or students are allowed to know are how states or countries did in general. This shows how the test is strictly for the summary of each country’s education, not for comparing scores.

Although the students must sit for a 3-hour session to take this test, it is worth the rewards they receive. For completing the assessment, students obtain $20 as well as credit for 2 ½ hours of community service. One of the selected students was Elly Kim, a sophomore, and she was feeling nervous about taking the test because she was responsible for more than 100 students. At first, she had been puzzled and anxious as to what it was about. “I think I will do badly but I’m going to try,” commented Elly. She also remarked that she was glad to be getting paid.

Mrs. Pam Metz, West High School’s Assistant Principal, stated, “We encourage students to go in and have fun,” and also mentioned the importance in which students should retain a positive attitude despite the pressure they may feel given the fact that many students are depending on their test scores, and just think of it as a time to show what they have learned through their years in school.