2009 Homecoming Football Game Follows Discouraging Trend

On October 23rd, West played the Redondo Union High School Seahawks. The stadium was full, and many students came to see the crowning of the Homecoming Queen at halftime. Before the game started, the West High Aristocracy and Entertainment Unit performed “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Five minutes into the first quarter, Redondo completed the first touchdown of the game. The point after was also successful, which brought the score to 7-0. Another touchdown a few minutes later brought the score to 14-0, ending the first quarter. Alejandro Solorzano (12) said in response to West’s early performance, “In the beginning we had some chances to make some big plays, but we didn’t pull through.”

Redondo completed a field goal in the second quarter, bringing the score to 17-0. However, West began to fight back, and scored a touchdown with just minutes left in the half. The point after was blocked, and West trailed 6-17 at halftime.

Before the Homecoming Queen was announced, West’s award-winning Entertainment Unit performed their show entitled “Ragtime.” The five nominations for Homecoming Queen were then announced. When all were assembled on the platform, Chie Tamada was crowned as the new Homecoming Queen.

In the third quarter, Redondo attempted a field goal, which was blocked, and maintained the score of 17-6. With less than a minute left in the game, though the Seahawks completed an 80-yard pass, and ended the quarter at 24-6.

Fourth quarter was fought bitterly between the opposing sides. The ball moved back and forth with Redondo managing to score with under two minutes left in the quarter. It was, however, the last score of the game, which ended in a Seahawk victory of 31-6. Solorzano summed up West’s performance when he stated, “For the most ppart, we played hard, but just didn’t come out with a win.”