Warriors Face Loss at the CIF Playoffs


Haley Guinn

Haley Guinn, Co-Editor in Chief

   On November 10, the West High Warriors Football team lost to the St. Paul Swordsmen in the first round of the CIF Playoffs by a score of 48-14.

   In the first quarter of the game, the Swordsmen were able to score two touchdowns, ending the first

quarter with a score of 13-0.   

   During the second quarter, Warriors quarterback Brandon Poffenbarger (11) ran the ball into the endzone, scoring West’s first touchdown of the game. By halftime, the score was 20-7, with the Swordsmen in the lead.

   In the last half of the game, St. Paul proceeded to score four more touchdowns. Just before the end of the game, West was able to make one more touchdown, bringing the final to 48-14.

  This was the last game of the season for the Warriors because they lost in the playoffs. Lineman Spencer Steele (11) thought the Warriors lost because they lacked teamwork.

  “We have bonded and we’ve all been family [but] I don’t think that people were playing for the right things. I think they were playing for themselves and that’s not good.”

   Lineman Noah Sullivan (12) expressed his feelings about the season coming to an end.

  “It is tough. I have spent four years of my life in this sport and it’s been everything I’ve done. You work so hard, and now it is just over.”

    Running back Allan Sidio (11) believes that the Warriors will be stronger next year.

  “I think we tried our best. We definitely put a lot of hard work in, but obviously the result was not what we thought it would be. We thought we would have done a little bit better, but that is what next season is for. We’re just going to train really hard in the off-season and get at it next season.”