Houston Astros Win the World Series

Danielle Perea, Co-Editor-in-Chief

   On November 1st, the Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in  Game 7 of the World Series by a score of 5-1, winning their first World Series championship in franchise history. Both teams used the same lineups as they had in Game 6, in which the Dodgers had won 3-1.

  Astros right fielder George Springer, who won World Series MVP, quickly hit a double in the first inning. A wild throw by Dodgers first-baseman Cody Bellinger went behind Dodgers pitcher Yu Darvish, putting Houston in the lead.

  After a three-run home run from Springer in the second inning, Astros were in the lead 5-0.  When describing what he felt as he hit the home run in a New York Times interview, Springer said, “I got to first base and I rounded third and got home, and that’s a crazy feeling. It’s a very surreal feeling because this is Game 7. This is what you dream of as a kid and for that to happen is indescribable.”

  Neither team scored until the bottom of the sixth inning when, with two runners on base, Andre Ethier hit a single, making the score 5-1. Neither team scored after the bottom of the sixth.

  During the series, according to CBS Sports, Springer set records with eight extra base-hits and twenty-nine bases. The outfielder also tied the World Series record for five home runs with Dodgers Chase Utley and Hall-of-Famer Reggie Jackson.

  While the Astros may have been able to excite their fans back in Houston, not everyone was satisfied with the Dodgers’ performance in the game. Montana White (9) thought the Dodgers were going to win, but was disappointed. “I feel like the Dodgers weren’t playing to their full potential.” Even with many opportunities to come back, the Dodgers left ten runners on base throughout the game.

  Additionally, Bellinger set a record with seventeen strikeouts throughout all seven World Series games.

  Jason Starritt (11) thinks the Astros won because the Dodgers were not getting any base hits. “They just weren’t hitting the ball.” The Dodgers failed to advance the baserunners as a result.

  For Houston, the game came as a joy after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on August 25st, causing $198.6 billion in damage. Fans at Minute Maid Park celebrated the Astros’ first World Series championship in franchise history.