Girl’s Volleyball Setting up for the Season


Courtesy: Smoke Signals / Emily Partida

Hannah Lin, Staff Writer

This past Tuesday, girl’s volleyball went up against the Bishop Montgomery’s Knights and lost with a score of 1-3.

Despite this being their 6th loss, they are still bumping their way up to victory. With another defeat in their hands, they are learning what they should do in order to win.“We definitely need to start communicating more on and off the court. Most of our team is very young, so our skills might not be as advanced as the other schools, but we definitely have a shot.” said Kendall Fedore (11). Some of the girls on varsity this year were on Frosh last season, so this is a big step up. Fedore also had something to say about how she believes the season will go, “Once we start getting used to each other on the court, I believe we will work together a lot better. So by season, we’ll be consistent and doing well.”

Since it is still pre-season, these girls still have some time to focus and work to their weaknesses. Jacy Moore (11) commented on what their main focus as a team would be. “We need to play better as a team, since we came from different levels and a majority of us have never played together.”   

The season is quickly approaching and these Warriors are putting on their game faces. Sophomore Anna Kim said, “Well, we haven’t been doing our best lately, but we’ve been working really hard at practice lately so I think we have a high chance of doing well this season.” Their goal this year is to make it to CIF and they hope it will happen.  

  West will be going against Serra next Tuesday, September 20th. Be sure to come and support them as they enter the season.