Warriors Sweep Their Way to Victory Against the Olympians


Photo Taken By Khristine Samson

Jessica Zhou, Staff Writer

Warriors triumphantly swept the Olympians 3-0 at Leuzinger on Tuesday, April 19th.

The clean win was due to the team’s concentration. Kevin Batmunkh (12) said: “Ever since the beginning of the season we have been completely focused on and off the court. That’s what helped us to beat Leuzinger in three easy sets.”

Notably, the Warriors were at a slight disadvantage, as they were playing positions they were unaccustomed to. “We came into the game confident with our ability and we were looking forward to a fun lineup, playing positions we normally don’t play,” said Justin Hight (10).

Explaining the purpose of this peculiar game strategy, Hight said: “We played different positions because we wanted to tryout formations for next season when the seniors are gone.”

The Warriors breezed through the first and third sets, thanks to their hitting and blocking, as they were able to overpower Leuzinger despite being in unfamiliar positions.

Although the middle set was a closer match, the Warriors remained calm, maintained their performance, and beat out the Olympians with a close score of 25-21.

   Commenting on the ease with which the team won, Matt Tsai (12) said: “We felt that we would win this game. We’ve played them before and won so as long as we kept our focus level up and concentrated on playing good volleyball I knew we could win.”

Reflecting upon the game, Hight echoed the sentiments of his fellow teammates, saying that he felt confident in his own and team’s abilities. “Our strengths were probably our hitting and blocking because we were much bigger. Leuzinger’s was probably scrappiness and keeping the ball alive.”

This game was a welcome contrast from last Thursday’s loss in a home game against Torrance, which swept West.  The first match was 25-15, the second 25-21, and the third 25-19. With a confident win under their belts, Warriors will head into their future games against home games against Centennial and South, which will be on April 21st and 26th.