West High Soccer Ready For the Kickoff


Omar Rashad, Staff Writer

West High School’s Boys’ Soccer Team is ready to fulfill their high objectives, as they are approaching the beginning of the 2015-16 season.

  They have proven in the past that they are tough competition, having made it all the way to the quarter-finals of the CIF playoffs last year. Now, with the loss of nine former starters, the seniors who graduated, new, younger players are joining the Varsity team. Trent Klaser (11) said, “We are getting a bunch of young players, which is a plus for us, since they are really coming together and are showing their overall potential to empower West as a team.” He also said that even though they are approaching a “difficult season” West will still be top contenders, winning over the Pioneer League.

  The new sophomores entering into Varsity have much to prove as they have to live up to the pace of gameplay their senior upperclassmen showcased for West High last year. As Zachary Babbit (11) put it, “It seems that the sophomores moving up to Varsity have definitely stepped up their own strengths.” He also said that they have the “potential and talent” to excel as new Varsity players. The new ‘young blood’ addition to the team this year will boost West’s overall ability and put the only win that truly matters within reach, aCIF title.

  After performing well last year in the CIF playoffs, West is prepared to elevate and improve its gameplay. One of the sophomores moving to varsity, Andrew Hazard (10), said, “We are excited to have a perfect 10-0 season and are ready to win CIF.” Hazard also said that by “changing and showing progress in gameplay, it will be better suited to fit our strengths.”Their first preseason match is early December, the start of the Warriors’ will to push on to the CIF title.