Senior Night: Girl’s Water Polo

Elise Ornelos , Staff Writer

   On Saturday February 7, 2015, West High’s girls water polo team took on their rivals, Torrance High School. In addition to playing Torrance, this game was West’s Senior Night. Senior Night is a highly anticipated night when all seniors receive recognition for their season. Because the seniors would not returning next season, the game was a bittersweet for everyone. West finished the game with a victory and a final score of 11-2. While it was sad that the seniors played their last high school water polo game, the team was able to send them off with a solid win.

The season was pretty stressful, so the girls were excited about ending senior night with a win. Grace Chung (12), a senior, said, “I’m glad it’s over because its been a long and stressful season, but I’m also really sad because I know I’m going to miss playing with my team.” It was a surreal game for the senior girls and it was definitely a night to remember.

The girls worked hard all season and they said they have little tricks to help them mentally prepare for their games, especially this one against Torrance.  Samantha Hudson(11) said, “we knew we had to be prepared for this game and listening to upbeat music really gets us pumped to play better.” The girls won with an impressive score so their pre-game ritual really worked out for them.

Since it was Senior night, the senior girls were especially motivated and on top of their game. 2-Meter Guard Sini White (12) said, “This was our best game because we played our hardest and worked so well together.” She also mentioned that the track team was their to support them and it really boosted their confidence.

Their great spirit that night showed greatly throughout the game and they ended the season at their best.