Super Sea Hawks Take the Bowl

Cayla Hailwood, Staff Writer

   On Sunday, February 2, 2014, the Seattle Sea Hawks and Denver Broncos battled it out for the title of Super Bowl Champions at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey.  According to, over 111.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the big game, making it the “most watched” televised event in US history.

Leading up to this day, many people expected it to be an intense and close game because of the Broncos’, star quarterback, Payton Manning, and the new up incoming Sea Hawks.  Unfortunately, the game wasn’t as expected.  Kariene Millet (12) by saying, “Overall, it wasn’t a very exciting game because the Sea Hawks dominated the whole game.”  In agreement, Rachel Cordill (12) said, “I wasn’t exactly rooting for a specific team, so since the game wasn’t really close or heated, it wasn’t as entertaining to watch.”

Seattle’s team went into the game being known with the number 1 defense in the NFL, whereas the Broncos supposedly had the strongest offense.  In the end, Seattle’s defense shut out the Broncos, and Denver’s defense could not stop the Sea Hawks scoring.  Brennan Korshaven (11) stated, “Peyton Manning could’ve done much better if he wasn’t pressured so much.  I think that the Sea Hawks completely out played the Broncos in every aspect.”  The game ended with a score of 43 to 8, as the Sea Hawks took home the Heisman Trophy.

The Sea Hawks will be taking back not only a title, but also a reputation for next year.  After this win, the team has greater confidence that can help them for next season.