Bruins Bruise Trojans

Jeremy Lim Staff Writer

   Rival week has ended which means only one college football team came out on top on Saturday, November 30. In spite of the fan mockery, denouncing, and slurring, UCLA came on top with a final score of 35 to 14 against USC.

  The momentous college football game came down to a whopping defeat, which surprised many. Cassius Marsh, Bruins defensive end, stated, “Oh, we run this town,” when interviewed by ESPN. He continued by stating, “It’s solidified. We’re 2-0. We won this game. It’s our city now. They can come try to get it next year.” USC did not fulfill the expectations, but UCLA exceeded the hopes and dreams of their fans. Erin Keel (10) exclaimed, “I’m glad UCLA won. I’ve been a fan of them ever since I was little, mostly because my mom went there.” Jim Mora, UCLA’s head coach, commented, “You win two in a row in this town, and things start to change. If I’m a high school player, I want to play at UCLA. There’s nothing like tonight. You don’t get that in the NFL. That was more exciting than the dang super bowl” when interviewed by ESPN. UCLA’s win over USC could alter the decision of future college football players. Aaron Barlin (11) replied, “I rejoice because I love UCLA.”

   Now with a season win, Mora signed an extension contract to 2019. Dan Guerrero, UCLA Athletic Director, pointed out, “We are excited about the commitment Jim has made to our student athletes and this university and feel this extension further demonstrates UCLA’s commitment to building a championship-caliber football program”, when approached by The LA Times. Dustin Teng (11), said excitedly, “I’m for LA teams, which includes UCLA!” High hopes for UCLA’s run for athletic success cannot be stopped any time soon.