Girl’s Basketball Shoots for Victory

   As the fall season comes to a close, the West High’s Girl’s Basketball team join the court in Winter hoping to score another entry into CIF. Spending most of their time after school practicing, the team participates in  daily drills from 2:30 to 4:30 and also they practice shooting baskets to increase their dexterity while increasing their stamina by running. They challenge each other everyday to improve each other’s skills by having scrimmages. The team has already participated in the El Segundo Scrimmage and the Inglewood Tournament which according to Olivia Tomita (9), “was a great effort among all participants in the games.”

   Last year, these Warriors entered the CIF Final Championships but did not go all the way. This year however, Taylor Tomita (10) believes that the girl’s basketball team has been “getting better. It’s no doubt this year [they] will go much farther than [they] did last year.” The team spends a great deal of time increasing team morale through team bonding which according to Lekha Adari (10) includes “movie nights and sleepovers and going to Disneyland.” They  have strong dedication to their sport, spending much of their free time after school just to prepare themselves for their next game which will be on December 18th taking place on North High territory.

 Although Basketball season is just getting started, the team is not afraid for any challenges that may come. Leia Higashi (11) stated, “We’re ready for the game against North in two weeks. We’ve honestly been preparing a great amount for this game and the games to come. After three years on this team I found that our team has improved a great deal both mentally, and physically.” With a smile on their faces, and ready to win, Higashi says, “we’re on our way to to CIF.”