Twerking Towards Triumph

Kristin Corse, Staff Writer

   On Friday, December 14th, 2012 at lunch time, West High students gathered at the football stadium to cheer on their fellow classmates at the annual Powder-Puff football game. “Twerk” coaches Barry Thomas (12), Joey Notch (12) and Mo Faqhi (12) got their team pumped up to defeat Team “Raw-Dog,” coached by Mat Boesen (12), Eric Hong (12), and Tommy Oslund (12). During the game, students were able to treat themselves to delicious foods outside the gym such as spam masubi, pizza, and cake pops in celebration of our STAR scores.

After the start of the game, Team Twerk took the lead with Malasia Boykin’s (12) help as she scored the first touchdown of the game. While team Raw-Dog attempted to catch up to their opponent, quarterback Bri Magles (12) failed to complete many passes to her teammates.

During the game, the fans watched the Manleaders, male seniors that donned cheer uniforms and learned popular cheer routines for the special event. As they cheered on Team Twerk and Team Raw-Dog, the Manleaders offered another form of entertainment for the crowd as they attempted to create pyramids and jumps, and danced to songs like “My Humps,” by the Black Eyes Peas and “Gangnam Style,” by PSY.

The Raw-Dogs continued to attempt to score against the Twerk defense but were unable to do so. After Twerk regained the ball, they scored two more touchdowns, ending the game with a final score of 20-0.