West Girls’ Tennis Struggle

Connor Ji, Staff Writer

On October 2nd, the Girls’ Tennis team from West High rallied against the Redondo Union Sea Hawks. The Warriors, who faced their Redondo rivals, pledged to go all out. Dismally, West experienced overwhelming difficulties in the singles game, losing 4 to 14 against Redondo.

Despite the loss, the team remained optimistic. Captain Misaki Yoshizawa (12), who played in the singles match said, “We all went out there and gave it our best,” Yoshizawa also admitted that Redondo was a difficult opponent when she said, “I know doubles had some tough time out there.” Captain Arielle Salunga (12), singles player acceded, “The [Sea Hawks] were formidable foes”, admitting that Warriors could not “pull it out.” Salunga wished that the team bonded more closely. “I think we can work on teamwork,” expressed Salunga, emphasizing the most important aspect in all team sports.

The tennis players declared that many are trying their best and have strong determination and endurance. Gretchen Natividad (10) added, “The players are very hard working,” showing appreciation for her team members. Natividad also expressed her dissatisfaction over the time limit of the players’ schedules. “I’m totally swamped with studies, dance, and tennis right now”, bemoaned another busy working Warrior, Gabriela Cruz-Aedo (11).

Although the Warriors struggled and found themselves unable to beat the Sea Hawks, the players showed great confidence in their abilities. Yoshizawa promised, “We will definitely improve on our next home game against them!” The next game against Redondo is on October 18th, at 3:00. Hopefully, Warriors will achieve great successes in their sports.