In It To Win It

Julia Truong, Staff Writer

There is no doubt that the West High Boys Varsity Baseball team gives up on any practices and games. This motivation comes from the coaches as well as the team captain. For Pitcher Teddy Kerwin (12), baseball is his main focus for the rigorous season up ahead.

As team captain, Kerwin holds a great deal of responsibility on his hands such as leading practices or motivating his team to do well all the time. But no matter what action he takes, the team always views him as part of the team. Wearing number 24, he prides himself in being the starting pitcher and even moves in between playing different infield positions. Kerwin is constantly motivated by Coach Juan Cueva, vowing to never give up on his team no matter what circumstances may appear.

According to Kerwin, “Being on the team for four years seems so surreal because I hold such a position. The team is very close and bonded, which is really good because it means that we can take criticism from time to time.” The team constantly wants to improve their game, to stand out from one another and improve how the hit, throw, or run. It calls for immediate learning and reflexes, in order to go up against any challenge and school.

He also remarks that CIF would be ideal for him and his teammates, “because baseball at West is not generally known as making it that far. Ending my senior year with playoffs is probably one of the best gifts I could receive.”

As a team captain, Kerwin not only plays for himself, but for the team as well. Baseball is a more complicated sport than people think it is, due to the fact that it takes so much core strength and ability to see from afar. “I admit that I’ve had my fair share of mistakes and regrets, but I’ve definitely improved my game since freshman year.”

Boys Varsity Baseball is not to be taken kindly especially with skilled players that play with a lot of heart. Come to the boys’ games and watch as they try to fulfilling their goal of advancing to CIF.