Lady Warriors Dribble Past Lady Mustangs

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

The squeak of Jordan basketball shoes could be heard loudly against the polished West High Gym floor as the West High Varsity Girls basketball team played to their fullest extent on Friday January 27th at 6:00 p.m. The Lady Warriors executed superb teamwork, fluid passes, and swift steps as they overcame the opposing Mira Costa Mustangs, winning  45-38.

The Warriors followed through with their previous promises to perform well, as giving up is not an option for the team. The Lady Warriors implemented skill, talent, and effort as they paved their way to victory. Watching them play, it was evident that their long, strenuous practices rightfully paid off. Varsity Forward, Shonteau-Trudeau Katoa (12) exclaimed, “There was so much energy on the court, and it felt as if the team was connected as one throughout the game. We knew that if a certain player needed assistance in guarding off another player, we would jump in and help her, while another player would focus on the offense.” Anything that could be done to ensure satisfying results for the team was done.

Their evident readiness allowed them to obtain the victory and show the opposing team who owned the court.  Guard Jaime Kusumoto (11) reflected, “Looking up at the scoreboard and seeing the final score, was presumably the greatest feeling. We deserved the win and it simply just goes to show how hard we work.” Captain Nicole Nitake (12), in agreement with Kusumoto’s statement, stated, “We played a great game. We were focused and ready to dominate with our positive and confident mindset and this allowed us to seize the win. We know we are a ‘tough’ team capable of winning when we set our minds to it, the important thing is translating that theory into our games, and we did just that.” The Warriors are ready to continue advancing up the scoreboards and they know that if they incorporate the same energy and skill into their upcoming game against {insert info} they have almost a guaranteed victory.

Currently holding a 7-1 record in Bay League play, the Lady Warriors are unstoppable and ready for anything that comes their way.