In the Bag

Carly Saber, Staff Writer

The West High Girls Varsity Volleyball team earned their first win of the season on Saturday October 1st. They played against Torrance High in the tournament. The girls won in a sweep winning all three games. The scores were: 25 to 21, 27 to 25, and 25 to 18.  The girls were all excited and glad to finally have something to show for all of their hard work so far.

The energy level was much more stable in this game and they were ready to put up a fight. Jessica Enos (11) stated, “It went up and down depending on how we were doing during the game.” Emily Nitao (11) agreed, “When we made an awesome play, our whole team got really excited and boosted up with energy.” Kaiana McDonald (11) mentioned that the game was rather “slow and that the team was trying to pick up the pace.”

McDonald claimed that as a team they “did not go out and celebrate their [luxurious] win.” However, the girls were all thrilled with the outcome of the game and of course celebrated in their own unique way inside.

It takes a lot of hard work to win a tournament and the West High Girls have not had the best of luck, but it seems that this year they are ready to rock and roll. Nitao claimed, “it was a good experience for us and we can keep working [as a] team in practice the next day.” If the girls continue to work as hard as they have been, or perhaps even harder, consequently more wins would be a great way to take off the season in full blast.

With more games just around the corner the girls must put in all their effort in every single practice. The team is strong and continues to work on sharpening their skills. With these skills fine-tuned another win should be coming soon. Let us keep the positive vibe going and take another one home!