David Rodriguez: Star Football Player

  David Rodriguez (12) has been a star football player since his freshman year. Although he has not been playing the sport through his entire life, his skill level has grown significantly and he is currently one of the captains of the Varsity team. He chose to start playing four years and he explained, “The game was fun and all my friends were playing it.” Fortunately, this led him to stick with football and he is now the starting wide receiver.
   Rodriguez has many hopes for himself and others, “One goal is to have at least six touchdowns and my goal for the team would be to win the Bay League.” However, his target was put on hold because he suffered his first major injury, a possible strained MCL, in a game against El Segundo early this season. Hopefully He can quickly recover so he can get return to the field with the Warriors and do his best to help West win the Bay League.
   Each year’s team provides a new set of players and also a new feeling. This squad has many positive qualities, and Rodriguez notes “My favorite thing about the team this year is that we are pretty close friends with everybody.” This is obvious as you can see him walking the halls with his fellow teammates.
 Many high school athletes look up to professionals in their respective sports, and Rodriguez is no exception. His favorite player is Jerry Rice and his favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys, but he is not positive about whether his future involves playing football, he says, “My plans after high school is something I’m still thinking about but I am for sure continuing school.”
   Whatever Rodriguez’s chooses to pursue after graduation, football memories will always stay with him. He explains, “Football has made me a better person and to be a leader not a follower.” These qualities ensure that Rodriguez will have a bright future whether or not it involves football.