Saumya Sharma Shines in West High’s Sports Scene

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

   For some students, a single sport can be overwhelming but for Saumya Sharma (10), being a part of varsity water polo and tennis, and the junior varsity swim team is not a big deal.

   Sharma did not have high hopes for her athletic performance coming into West as she “[did not] want to take PE and [she] knew doing sports looks good on a college application so [Sharma] decided to give doing three sports a chance and [she has] managed to do it so far.” Sharma does more than just juggle these three difficult sports; she excels at each as she does her best consistently.       When asked if she would stick with this busy schedule, Sharma announced that she “would like to continue doing all three sports throughout high school, even as a senior. [She does] eventually want to go to CIF’s for at least one sport but [she is] going to have to work really hard for that.”

   In addition to training for each sport, Sharma is enrolled in World History AP and English 2 Honors and she also founded the Animals at Heart Club this year. Many students have a hard time dealing with a heavy workload without being on any sports teams, so this up and coming athlete must have good time management skills in order to succeed. “[Sharma comes] back from a sport event or practice at around 6 PM and [tries] to get some homework done but usually [ends] up sleeping so [she wakes] up at 3:45 every morning and [finishes her] homework then. [She is] a morning person so it’s not that hard for [her].” When questioned why she pushes herself so hard, Sharma replies, “I want to go to a law school, preferably University of Pennsylvania, but it is going to take a lot of effort because I did not realize that it was an Ivy League school.”

   Although Sharma’s time is loaded with sports and school, she manages to have a cheerful mood and diehard determination. She has stood out to many and is one to watch for in the coming years.