Warrior of the Month (February): Ali Nazari

Ariel Kimmok

Sport: Wrestling
Number of years in sport: Since Freshman year
Biggest accomplishment:”Probably getting first in the league, [but] too bad I got sick at CIF and couldn’t qualify for masters.”
Proudest moment:”Finishing last year’s season with a decent record [of] 34-13.”
Sports in college:”I am thinking about wrestling in college.”
About West sports: “I love it! Just so glad I don’t have to cut so much weight this year than last year.”
Favorite part about wrestling:”Of course winning and placing at tournaments!”
Worst part about wrestling:”Practices and cutting weight, not being able to eat like I normally do.”
Favorite athelete:”Peter Girgis.” “He is from Egypt, [and his] nickname is camel.”
Why wrestling: “Because it is such a tough sport and only [a] few people will do it and stick to it. It changes you as a person! It’s changed me astonishingly.”
Goal: “My [goal] is just to make it to state this year!”