Shooting for CIF

Esther Kim

Since the beginning of the summer, the West High Girls’ Basketball team has been training on a daily basis through conditioning, practicing offenses, and competing in unofficial games called scrimmages, in which the athletes from the same team separate into two opposing groups wearing different colored jerseys.
Mr. Atkinson, the head coach of the team, acknowledged, “I’m hoping we can make CIF this year.” He also mentioned that the team’s current obstacle is that the players are, to a degree, lacking in height. The team’s biggest competitors are Mira Costa and Palos Verdes.
There are three levels in West High basketball: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Frosh. Melanie Lapovich (12) expressed: “I will try to help my team by being a good team player and not letting my team down.” Kristen Kiehm (9) also hopes to “improve and do better on the court.” The team’s overall goal is to qualify for CIF state championships. Although there is a chance of qualifying as a wildcard, the team would rather partake in the championships as one of the top 3 teams through their determination and practice.
The team’s first game was on Monday, November 30. Good luck for the 2009 season, girls!