Secret Safe Places

Cherokee Hernandez , Feature Editor

Finding a place to keep your sanity in high school may be hard. It may be hard to find those healthy outlets to get you through those tough times, allow me to introduce to you a new silent protest that may help.

  Untold Injustices was recently introduced to the “safety pin protest”. A disclaimer from the editor: After learning about the protest, I felt that it has such a strong potential that it should be brought to the attention of the high school audience.

  The safety pin movement started shortly after Trump’s triumphant election. It is no secret that in Trump’s debate speeches, he targeted/ offended many minorities and races. Some Trump supporters took this seriously and have began to bully these groups of people. In reaction to this Americans have took to two different types of protests. One of which being the typical marching protest and the other being a silent protest. The silent protest is where people have vowed to be a safe place for anyone who feels they are being targeted. These people are marked by wearing safety pins as a sign for safety and security. These people have vowed to stay by a victim’s side in their time of need.

  This silent protest has hit social media. Sites such as Instagram have many group pages such as @LGBTPride  that too “wear” the safety pin to establish their pages as a safe place. Unfortunately, the safety pin emoji has not been made available yet so instead the users of these pages have used the paper clip emoji to establish a safe page. This trend has been picking up on the ever popular social site.

  This protest may as well be the start of something great for the high school community. With all of the bullying and stress that goes on in the school environments, it would be nice to know that there are people on campus that have your back. To make things even easier for you, these special people are marked with a safety pin. On a side note, Forever 21 has safety pin earrings if you want to make a subtle statement.

  If you feel targeted or just need a place to be look for a fellow safety pin wearer and relax. Look around campus you never know who may be wearing the pin, and yes, I have pledged the safety pin. Stay tuned!