Ten Tips for Acing Finals

Ysabella Atehortua, Editor-in-Chief

  1. Constantly drink water — you need about one ounce per pound you weigh a day and water helps to keep your mind alert and focused.
  2. Keep the caffeine intake down to only one beverage an hour. I know when you’re cramming at Starbucks it’s easy to lose track, but try to stay away from refilling that Venti too often. Coffee causes your brain to become less focused and more antsy which is bad for studying.
  3. Don’t skip meals and always have snacks on hand. GOOD: veggies, fruit, whole grains, peanuts, granola bars. BAD: Refined carbs (i.e. sugar and white flour).
  4. For multiple choice tests, studies show that reading the questions before going in and answering gives your brain time to calm down from anxiety of test taking and also starts the background process your brain uses to gather information.
  5. Answering the easiest questions first then making your way to the more difficult problems is the most time-efficient way to take a test.
  6. If you have to pull an all nighter:
  • take an hour long night nap early if you know you’ll be cramming all night
  • Do NOT drink caffeine, it will only make you antsy and unable to focus, try energy bars instead.
  • Study the toughest material first so as you get more tired, the work gets easier.
  • Try to exercise when your cram session is over and get under the sun right before the test — doing so will jumpstart your brain again.

7.  Walking before an exam can boost your memory and brain power.                                8.  Speaking the material out loud is more effective than repeating it in your head.        9.  Teaching others the information you’re being tested on actually helps you retain           the material more easily.                                                                                                           10. ACE IT!