Obama Adviser Susan Rice Denies Trump Surveillance


Courtesy of The New York Times

Lili Georges, Staff Writer

  Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser under the Obama Administration, has denied accusations that she requested surveillance of Trump campaign officials. Rice said that it is “absolutely false” that the Obama administration leaked names of President Trump’s intel for political purposes. Rice also rejected the accusation that she leaked this intelligence to the U.S. media.

  When questioned by MSNBC about whether or not she had exposed previous Trump Adviser Michael Flynn after his resignation in February, resulting from the controversy of his ties with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, Rice replied that “I leaked nothing to nobody, and never would.”

  Bloomberg View reports that Rice’s requests were discovered in a National Security Council review, revealing the identities of those whose communications were received coincidentally. The intel contains monitored conversations involving foreign officials in contact with the Trump administration, but the identities of these individuals are redacted from the report.

  Rice explained to ABC News that unmasking names in an intelligence report reveals the names only to the person who requested it, and therefore “There is no equivalence between so called unmasking and leaking,” when pertaining to the U.S. government as a whole. Rice said that if she saw a report that looked important she can request to view it, describing that, “That’s necessary for me to do my job.”

 Annabel Yim (11) believed that “Because she is not working for the White House anymore, she should not feel obligated to reveal her actions during the Obama administration.”

  These accusations arose following President Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that Obama wiretapped his cell phones, as well as the controversy regarding Trump’s relations to Russia.