Queen Mary Gets “Chill” for the Holidays

Grant Torre, Editor-in-Chief

Want to escape the gloomy rain and step into a winter wonderland? Travel less than thirty minutes to the Queen Mary’s “Chill” and you will be whisked away to a land of sledding, ice skating, and beautiful ice sculptures.

Set inside the Spruce Goose, the dome next to the Queen Mary, event coordinators built a 100-foot-long tubing “slide” where riders can soar down an ice track in an exhilarating ride. In addition to the tubing track, the event’s highlight is its 13,000-square-foot “Ice Kingdom.” Housed in a chilly tent kept at a chilly nine degrees, this spectacle is truly a magical playground.

Upon arrival, guests are given knee-length parkas to ensure their comfort in the extreme temperatures, but it is suggested that guests layer extra coats under the provided parka. After stepping into the chilly wonderland, guests examine hundreds of ice sculptures — from pandas to dancing elves to a replica of the Queen Mary. But the highlight of the Ice Kingdom comes as attendees discover that the ice Queen Mary houses a slide race where pairs of people fly down an ice ramp attempting to beat their opponent. After exiting the Ice Kingdom, guests can skate in a 6,500 square foot ice rink or tube down an ice hill.  Each individual aspect of the event was perfected by world-renowned ice sculptors, who spent over three weeks creating this magical space.

In addition to the icy pleasures of this event, guests will fawn over the many delectable treats sold, such as old-fashioned Coke bottles and fresh cupcakes. Additionally, Chill offers gingerbread house-making opportunities and live performances by festive bands playing holiday music.

If you are looking for a fun winter break event, this is a one-of-a-kind holiday opportunity perfect for the whole family or a holiday date. Chill is open until Sunday, January 6th, 2013, while the Ice Kingdom (excluding ice skating and tube sliding) is open until Friday, January 11th, 2013. Tickets are available from $13-24 on www.queenmary.com, or for a discounted price on www.goldstar.com. Make sure to wear many layers of warm clothing to ensure full enjoyment of all that Chill has to offer.