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The School Newspaper of West High School

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A picture of the Homecoming Court Top 15 (from left to right, top): Aeonn Rubi, Kostadinos Loukatos, Cameron O’Neil, Darren Chang, Haruto Asami, Isaac Sanles, Jackson Mancilla,  Jonathan Valot, Kainalu Barricklow, Lawrence Pong, Micah Taw, Noa Wada, Philip Lam, Sean Toomey, and Saul Hernandez. Bottom: Aastha Kashyap, Amaya Sanles, Avery White, Chloe Kang, Danielle Wissler, Maddy Heineman, Gracie Ito, Karsen-Reese Takenaka, Cyrilla Zhang, Masami Fumimoto, Sadie Hopkins, Richa Thakre, Simran Bhattacharya, Tiffani Yoshimura, and Yumiko Kasai. Nominee Chang said, “I do not think I will become Homecoming King but I’m also fine with that because I feel like there are other people who are more deserving of that title.”
The 2023 Homecoming Court
Katelyn Baba, Staff Writer • October 21, 2023
After a bitterly fought one hundred and forty-eight day long strike, the strike is officially over. The new labor agreement is going to be set to an official vote October 2 through October 9 for WGA members to ratify. With writers officially cleared to return to work, the future of studio writers is looking considerably up.
WGA Strike Officially Ends
Alexandra Arnold, Staff Writer • October 15, 2023
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Top 15 Homecoming Court

Top 15 Girls

Taqqisha Kader

Jessica Ho

Tori Castro

Nicole Fernandez

Anisa Azad

Carly Drobot

Tori Hane

Claire Herrera

Jiun Hong

Hari Yim

Bri Magles

Candace Yoshimura

Xia Rashid

Emiko Kranz

Grace Hwang

Top 15 Boys

Travis Wrightman

Stefan Inouye

Steven Ingraham

Joey Notch

Geoff Wong

Andy Park

Mat Boesen

Grant Torre

Anthony Xian

Ramiz Jan

Grant Lapovich

Barry Thomas

Alex Wolfson

Jeff Hsiao

Sagar Mittal


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