Fabricated Football and Frisbee Laws

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

Can you imagine a beach day without casual Frisbee and Football throwing?

Recently, there has been talk of local government passing laws that banned the throwing of Frisbees and Footballs on Los Angeles County beaches. The laws stated that beach-goers caught throwing anything other than beach balls – such as Frisbees and Footballs – were subject to a $1,000 fine. This absurd law stirred confusion and infuriation from the masses. An estimated 50 to 70 million people visit our beaches every year and the motive for imposing the bizarre law on locals was unclear.

Fortunately, officials confirmed that inaccurate reports and revised documents had resulted in a fabricated Frisbee law. The supposed law makers quickly became a point of ridicule on radio stations and talk shows. L.A. supervisors, who were notified and received a plethora of calls and e-mails, maintained that the laws were fake. Supervisor Don Knabe stated that, “[Officials] must do a better job of creating clear communications to minimize confusion like we had on this one when incorrect information went viral.” Law mix-ups like this create unnecessary anger and confusion only for the masses to find out that a mere twist of words and edited documents have changed the true intent of the law.

The “Frisbee Law” really stated that Frisbee throwing and ball-playing were allowed at all times unless a lifeguard directs otherwise due to a public safety hazard. Knabe’s spokeswoman, Cheryl Burnett added that “[We] simply have to articulate [the law] in a clear way people can understand.” Beach-goers, Frisbee throwers, and ball-players, do not be worried, you can still have fun at your respective L.A. beach!