A Spirit-Filled Week

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

The spirit of the West High student body was tested this week by the demonstration of several events that united the campus. Each day of Winter Spirit Week represented a silly, creative theme whose purpose was to enthuse students.

On Monday, students wore Winter Gear, appropriate for the season, while Tuesday ‘s theme suggested students to dress up in all-white, a preview for Winterfresh on the following Friday. Wacky Wednesday called for students to employ their creativity to dress as crazy as possible. On Thursday, many students showcased their ugliest Holiday Sweaters, a humorous attempt to get students acquainted with the holiday season. Finally, Flannel Friday garnered numerous students displaying their most favorite winter flannels.

Many students participated in Spirit Week’s festivities, including Devin Smith (10), who wore a colorful flannel for Friday, and stated “The week’s events were enjoyable; I liked them because they encouraged students to think outside the box.” Sagar Mittal (11) added, “Winter Week was an ultimate success and it really  highlighted our school’s overall spirit”.

The comical themes turned out to amuse not only the students, but the staff and faculty. For example, Mr. Phelps sported a dark flannel, Ms. Charlin showcased her humorous toe socks on Wacky Wednesday and Principal Mr. Ben Egan went with Tuesday’s all white theme.

Overall, Winter Spirit Week was a success this year, with many students dressing up each day. Secretary of Spirit Alisa Wang (12) enthusiastically stated, “The turnout was great. The events were exciting resulting in many of them dressing up.”

Essentially, the week threw many West High students into a festive holiday mood.