Dear Edwina Comes to Scarlata Theater

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

   Need some advice on how to deal with a messy sibling or how to fall in love? On March 22nd, Dear Edwina made its debut to the student body of West with the cast singing songs and dancing to the crowd’s pleasure. The musical is about an advice giver Edwina Spoonapple- played by Kimberly Deckman (11), a bossy character who tries to have her television show noticed by a talent scout. The story also revolves around Scott, played by Grant Torre (10), whose main love interest is Edwina. Although he tries to impress her with little success, in the end, Edwina understands his feelings and the musical ends with a final song by the entire cast.

   Overall the musical was comedic and engaging, the amount of time spent on practicing according to the director, Ms. Orabuena, was a lot. According to her, the auditions for the musical began after winter break and their intense schedule continued with each member practicing outside of school three to four days a week. Also in March, each member practiced every day until they perfected the routine. Scott Shima (12) who played Billy Vanderplook and Harry said that he would practice by “singing daily, remembering harmony parts and [memorizing] choreography.” Play Production members also practiced during 3rd period as well as in the after school sessions.         

   When asked about what he would miss most about the musical Shima stated he would miss collaborating “with the wonderful Ms. Orabuena and Ms. Hamilton.” Shima also said “[performing] at the fine arts assembly [or] 8th grade assemblies” would be unforgettable. Ms. Orabuena agreed with Shima and added the opportunity to work with the students was most pleasant because “they are not troublesome [and] they were all ready to work.” In addition, she particularly enjoyed the “music [and] the moral of the musical” which is to be yourself and not let anyone from stopping you. Like the musical said “sing your own song.”