Sadie Hawkins Cut

Ariel Kimmok, Contributing Writer & Photographer

On April 15th, 2010, West High ASB cancelled the Sadie Hawkins Dance due to a lack of ticket sales. Sadie coordinator Yu Hu (11) stated, “We absolutely did not want to have a dance with less than one-hundred people at the most. We just decided as a collective whole to just cancel the dance altogether.”

The student body of West High had mixed responses to the event’s cancellation. John Lee (10) responded, “Yeah, dances are cool and all, and I feel pretty bummed that the dance was gone. I was really looking forward to attending it with my friends.”

Although the dance was not successful this year, plenty of improvements will be made next year. Hu already has several suggestions for next year’s Sadie Hawkins coordinator, “sell [tickets] before the break and use the online store that can be easily set up. The online store is a place where students just log in and buy tickets from home.”

Hu also voiced concerns for West’s decaying school spirit. “I just like to say that it was really disappointing to see that our student body is becoming just really ignorant when it comes to school events that the majority can care less and they failed to realize that by not participating will only make West into a boring school. I hope our students can participate more.”

For now, there can only be hopes for a greater turnout next year.