Stitch, Please! Fashion Show


Andrea Gomez / Smoke Signals

Andrea Gomez, Staff Writer

  On Friday, May 19th, the pavilion doors opened to the line of people at 6:30pm to reveal the fashion show set up called Stitch Please. People made their way inside to a seat and sat patiently for the show to begin.

  Julia O’Gorman (12) said, “Last year I knew [the fashion show] filled up really fast, every seat was full, but I got [at the school] at 6 and I was surprised… that this many people were here already 30 minutes before the doors were even open.”

  The lights turned off and the spotlight was on the hosts, Diego Gonzalez (12) and Hannah Harrison (11).  Once the introduction to the fashion show was done, models began revealing the works of all the designers had made.

  Model after model came out twisting and turning, looking as if walking was a breeze, but James Garrity (11) remarked, “I felt I was going to fall … and nearly did fall after my first turn, [it’s] pretty tight up there.”

  During the show, the audience was applauding to every model that came out. Garrity was a model that stood out because he was wearing a skirt. Garrity said, “I was nervous before walking… what I was wearing scared me more. I was a boy in a skirt and I didn’t know how people would respond.”

  When the show ended, the audience still had enough energy to roar with excitement. The room filled with applause more so than the whole show put together. Carol Medina (11) commented, “The overall production was great and the designs were really beautiful, seeing my friends being models and some designers made me super proud of them that each time they were on stage I would scream their names”

  The models then got together with their designer to take pictures or meet with the audience. Rose Ochoa (11) showed her appreciation for her models and said, “I am extremely grateful for my models, they made time in their schedules to be a part of the fashion show and display my work excellently. I can not thank them enough.”

  With great success in this years fashion show, the fashion students and teacher will have more knowledge on how to create next year’s fashion show better.